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School Support Program

Facilitating Distance Learning

SCCC is offering a school support program for families. We are offering this program to facilitate the curriculum for students in virtual learning or homeschool learning environments.

  • Students will be required to bring their curriculum assignments and all of the necessary equipment to complete their work. Our staff will keep them on task and assist with completing assignments.

  • The school support program contract is $175 a week for 3 months.

  • After two months of enrollment in the program, the contract may be reconsidered or renewed.

  • All students will be required to bring their own lunch. They will have access to a refrigerator as well as a microwave. Snacks will be provided.

  • All students are expected to wear a face shield OR parents will sign a waiver deeming this detrimental to their learning.


School Day Schedule

7:00-8:00: Arrival – Free Time Activity
8:00-8:15: Prayer – pledge – devotions
8:15-8:30: Get students set up and review schedule
8:30-9:45: School work
9:45-10:00: Snack/break
10:00-10:30: Bible story/activity
10:30-11:30: Group educational activity (subject specific)
11:30-12:30: Outdoor play
12:30 -1:00: Lunch

1:00-1:30: Reading

1:30-1:45: Recess/games

1:45-2:45: School work

2:45-3:00: Snack

3:00-5:00: Free time

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